My Favorite Products

These are a few of my favorite things...


My favorite polish is China Glaze, 99% of the time that is what I am using on myself for the blog, I love the way it applies and they always have awesome new colors which of course I must rush out and buy. The posts of my clients nails will usually be Nail Harmony Gelish, I think this stuff is the greatest. This gel polish manicure lasts around 3 weeks without chipping, so for regular people who are not changing their polish every night it is the best option. But even with that said China Glaze hands down my first choice!

Striping Paint:

If you read my blog you already know I am very biased when it comes to striping paint, I use Orly instant artist and if they had more colors it would be the only paint I used for nail art. It is an acrylic based paint instead of a polish because it is, the paint does not get thick and gooey, it applies like a dream and you do not have to worry about dragging when you apply top coat, the paint drys quick and stays put. Plus I am kinda cheap and it is the same price as the competition but stays fresh so much longer. My only complaint is the limited amount of colors and sometimes the brush is a little weird, if you are able to open up the bottle and check it out before purchasing do!

The odd time when Orly does not have the color I need or I want a really nice glitter paint I go to the Stripe Rite paints. My supplier just brought the line in and they have so many colors with a big portion of them are glitters (which always excites me!) But because they are polish I find they get really gooey way too soon and when you use thinner they are never the same.

Acrylic Paint:

When painting designs that require specific colors I usually go with the acrylic craft paint, I find it so much easier to mix and create different shades. My favorite brand is Delta Ceramcoat which I get from Michael's, the line has every color you would ever need. My only exception is the metallics, I use the Folkart brand (pictured bottom right) I find their silver and gold go on true to color where other brands can be quite translucent


I love the double sided brushes from So Easy, between the 3 brushes in the pack you get all the tools you need to start off. My kit has a huge selection of brushes, most of them from Michael's but I find when I'm constantly hauling my supplies back and forth from the salon, the three double sided brushes are really all I need.