September 03, 2013

Gelish Gradient with animal print step by step

These days I do a lot of gradient designs, I find its far less obvious for regrowth and the client can get an extra week out their mani. Plus they are super pretty!!

Here is a simple Gelish gradient, you can also do this with polish but you have wait between coats for it to fully dry. I am very impatient so I stick with gel! Other than your polishes all you will need is a eye shadow applicator or makeup sponge. I like those cheap ones that come with eye shadow palettes, the ones with the plastic handle and a tiny sponge on each end. I pick up bags of them from my beauty supply.

Step 1. solid coat of Gelish Light elegance

Step 2. sponge Gelish Sunburst over the tip fading down, you made need a second coat just at the very tip

Step 3. brush on a layer of Gelish June Bride, then thin it out along the cuticle using the other end of the side of the applicator.

Step 4. Using a striping Paint paint in some tiger stripes

Step 5. seal in the design with Gelish Top it Off

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