August 09, 2013

Shark Week

As shark week comes to a wrap, I had to post this fun shark design. I must say I am actually pretty shocked that this is my first time painting sharks. I love them, the very top of my bucket list is to cage dive with a great white, crazy I know! But they are just so awesome, I must see one up close before I die!

  I love shark week,  but I think they need to focus a whole lot more on the conservation of sharks rather than the fierce predator. Most of you know I am a huge animal and environmental activist, in my opinion the number one issue in the world is the lack of protection for our oceans. Sharks are the most vital part of our marine ecosystem and if we wipe them out, we are all in very big trouble. In 2012 12 humans were killed by shark attack, where humans killed approx 100 million sharks in that same year. This is an issue that is a huge concern to me, so after the posted pic of my nails I am going to add some additional information on shark conservation, if you are interested please check it out!!  

Important movies/video clips to watch:

Shark Water Documentary 

What Would Happen If Sharks Disappeared?

My favourite shark conservation sites:

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