July 01, 2013

Happy Canada Day

Happy Canada Day Everyone!!! I will be honest, I am writing this post from the US...This year I am spending Canada Day in Vegas, it feels kind of wrong but I could not resist a sunny vacation away on this long weekend. Traditionally this day is spent watching the parade and enjoying the local festival, followed by a few tasty beverages and a family BBQ, today my plans are to sit by the pool and fit in a little shopping before I catch my flight, sadly nothing to do with celebrating the birthday of our beautiful country!

  But since I am not in town to paint a patriotic design on my own nails, here is one I did on my client last weekend. For this design we had a lot of fun, she wanted to represent with an adorable moose and beaver and the remaining fingers full on Canada... so this is what I came up with.

 All these maple leafs bring me back to the 2010 Olympics, they kind of have a hockey feel to them and make me happy reminiscing of that exciting time!

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