June 16, 2013

True Blood S6

Today is the season premier of True Blood season  6 and I could not be more excited! For the next 12 weeks I get my favourite vamp back in my life, Eric Northman. Typically I'm not into blondes, but I'll make an exception for Alexander Skarsgard any day! Last year I got great feedback from my true blood nails, so this year I had to go with an even better design.

These nails are done using my water slide decals that I print myself. After going through numerous pics on google and choosing a photo for each nail, I resized the pics to fit and printed them out on water slide decal paper. To apply the decals you simply cut out the shape, place it in water for about 10 seconds, then slide off the backing and apply to your nails. The nails should be painted with white polish before you start.

Nails done, now I just have to patiently wait for the episode....