April 17, 2013

TVD Las Vegas

Just returned home from a fabulous vacation in Las Vegas for the Vampire Diaries Convention. If you know me, you probably know that I am completely obsessed with Ian Somerhalder, and you can imagine how much I enjoyed meeting this beautiful man. I already have customers asking to see the photos so I'll post them after the nail pics....warning!!! you may experience jealousy, he looks exceptionally good!!

For my Vegas nails I wanted to go full glitz, but I also planned to do a little networking while I was there so I had to find a way to add something TVD. So I decided to go with eight glittery, blinged out nails and two Ian accent nails. For the main design I went with a charcoal gel polish, Gelish Midnight Caller with silver glitter pressed into it. I then painted a black leopard print using my Jet Black Instant Artist paint, to finish them off I glued on an assortment of three different sized crystals all in different color schemes. The ian accent nails were done like all my other DIY decals, I printed the picture on decal paper, cut it to size and applied it to the nails, there is more info under waterslide decals

These nails are very suitable for me, They are a combo of my four favorite things I could put on my nails; glitter, crystals, animal print and those smoldery blue eyes

As promised here is the picture... I love how it turned out and just in case you were wondering he is even more wonderful in real life. Most of the actors were good sports and did the photo ops with all their crazy fans, but you could tell Ian really enjoyed it. He was just so sweet and DAMN this man is hot!!! too sexy for words...I got to be near him on two different occasions, one for the photos and the second time was for the autograph, both times I was a star struck fool. One glimpse into his eyes and I was speechless.