February 01, 2013

Sparkle Fade and simple Filligree

Today's design was done on a client, she was going in vacation and wanted something a little fancier than usual. I came up with this design and could not be happier with the outcome

This is a very simple design with a big impact. I started with Gelish Forever Beauty, but any neutral pink shimmer will do. I cured the polish then pressed loose sparkles into the nail fading blue at the tip into pink. My local nail supplier sells these amazing glitter concoctions, there are numerous sizes and shapes of glitter all mixed in one little pot, everything from tiny dots, to confetti and there are even stars mixed in there. I will post a picture of the glitters below. Once the glitter was all applied I sealed it with a coat of top it off Gelish, this gives me a smooth surface to work with my nail paints. Using my Jet Black Instant Artist paint I painted in a very simple filigree design on the tips of the nails, to finish it off I glued a single purple crystal in each corner and gave it one more coat of top it off.

These nails were lots of fun and I know the client loved them so this one is definitely considered a success!!

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