February 12, 2013

Mardi Gras

For today's post I just had to do a set of Mardi Gras nails. During my blog project last year I was so caught up in valentines nails and I completely missed the chance to do this design.

Mardi Gras makes me think of bright colors, sequins and of course the Mardi Gras beads. So when I started this design I was so excited to pull out all my glitters and crystals to start creating. I started with a solid black base, China Glaze Liquid Leather. While the polish was still wet I pressed the glitters into the polish. On the thumb I used ultra fine purple glitter and on the index, middle and pinky I used a large hexagon glitter in a purple and turquoise color. I wanted strings of beads over the one accent nail, so on the ring finger I used three colors and sizes of crystals and created this effect. To finish the design I used my instant artist paints to paint in the Mardi Gras mask and add the gold swirls on the three nails. To add a little definition to the swirls, I outlined them with a couple of Stripe Rite glitter
Paints in a blue and purple shade (the label rubbed off so unfortunately I can't give you the names) and then top it off by painting in the words Mardi Gras.

I am pretty happy with the outcome of these nails, it is a little tricky to take a picture with so much glitter and crystals, but for this much sparkle its definitely worth the struggle.

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