January 11, 2013


What a crazy month it has been, January is suppost to be my slow month but I have been super busy. It seems like almost all of my clients are off to wonderful warm destinations and need to get in to get their nails and toes looking great for their vacation. After weeks of hearing about these holidays, I'm feeling the need more than ever to get away. I have booked a little vacation in April, but that seems a lot further than it actually is. With all this talk of travel, I felt inspired to do an airport themed nail design. In Vancouver we happen to have a great airport, In my (possibly biased) opinion, its the nicest one I've been in.

The logo for YVR is pretty simple. I painted the three letters over the middle fingers, with the color scheme I totally lucked out and had the perfect shades of polish needed. On the two remaining nails I wasn't too sure what I wanted to paint, I liked the look of the solid color paired with the white design. I continued this look onto the pinky nail with the airplane, but for the thumb, I thought I had a wonderful idea...I painted the outside section of the airport. After spending quite some time on the thumb, I finally finished it and absolutely hated it. I took a quick photo and removed it right away. As much as I dislike it, I've posted it below for your reference. In the end I decided to stick with the same theme as the other nails and I painted some items associated with travel.

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