November 16, 2012

Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2

I have been so busy over the last two weeks, which I am definitely not complaining about. I am still nailing daily but unfortunately have not had much time to blog about it. I'll try and do a couple mass uploads over the weekend. But tonight seemed like an important night to come out of my blog coma. Last year my Twilight nails were very popular and I could not miss out on doing a new set for the release of the final movie. I will admit, a lot has changed in the last year, I have taken on a couple new vampire addictions which I do enjoy more than the Twilight series. But since this is the last movie I am still pretty pumped to see it!

These nails were done using home made decals, they turn out great but can be a big pain in the butt to do. If you want full directions just click the tag below for water slide decals and I give directions on the other posts. The hardest part about making the decals is figuring out the sizing of each picture and then applying it to the nail straight. The thumb had to be redone a couple times. But with practice they become easier and easier. This set is by far my most successful water slide decal design.