November 20, 2012


Today's post was inspired by my newest iPad app, Simpson's Tapped out. I usually stay clear of these kinds of simulation games, since they take up way to much time and I have very little. But a couple members of my family insisted I get it and I broke. So far I have been pretty good, only a few minutes a day. So when I no idea what to paint I decided to go and update my city. The second I opened the app it hit me, I have done a homer design in the past but never any of the other characters, so I figured why not give them a try.
For the base I used a pastel turquoise blue polish, it is Aquadellic from the China Glaze Electro Pop collection. For the majority of the design I used acrylic craft paint. I needed specific colors and even though I hate having to wash my brush between colors, it was less of a hassle then custom mixing my instant artist paints. I did use my altered Jet black paint to outline the design. when the paint gets to be slightly thick I cut the hairs out of the brush to thin out 2/3 of the thickness, then I add several drops of water and shake it up to make a nice liner. That's the main reason why I love the instant artist paints, since they are acrylic based rather than polish you don't need any thinners.

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