November 30, 2012

Day 365 - Nailed Daily Rage Comic

For my final post of the 365 day challenge, I went with a rage comic, I'm loving the rage faces memes and since this blog has brought on so many emotions I thought it would be a suitable end of my year. From Thinking I was not going to complete the challenge on time, then receiving so much love and support through my social media, it was truly overwhelming! And even though it came to an end in utter chaos I have never been prouder of another accomplishment in my life!
If only I had a couple more fingers, this could have been really cute. But with my five fingers that I paint on, this is how I summed up the year and my experience as a blogger.  This design was tons of fun to paint and surprisingly a lot easier than I imagined. In the last year the skill that I am happiest to have improve on is painting the fine details, there is no way Dec 1st last year I could have printed words so tiny on my nails. The skills that I have built from this blog made all the hours and hard work worth it! I believe you should never stop challenging yourself!
I hope you like this design and have enjoyed my posts over the last year, I never thought it would be so difficult. My only true regret is that I did not have more time replying to all your comments, I do read every one of them and I appreciate every word you write!!!
If you enjoy my blog and are worried it is coming to an end, don't!! I will be continuing to blog on a regular basis at least once a week, but honestly I'm hooked so it will probably end up a lot more often than not! I do plan to take a month off to work an exciting new project which I will be starting in the new year... Early 2103 I will be opening an online store selling custom nail sets :)  


  1. LOVE! Congrats on completing the challenge!

  2. You've got some amazing ideas here! Check out our latest nail art tutorial on The Model Stage Blog :)

    Have fun in the new year :)

  3. Very creative !