November 23, 2012


Playing board games has always been quite popular in my family, and with the holidays coming up it makes me think of all the times spent playing with my cousins at my Nan & Granddad's house. Monopoly was always a group favourite, but I always hated it. Still to this day I am traumatized by the game. I think it because I am far too kind of a person to play, I always end up feeling bad for whoever is behind and end up helping them out to keep them in the game, long story short, I always lose and for some reason end up emotional. It's such a harsh game, you play for hours just to get everyting taken from you, with not an ounce of mercy. I would always try to be the banker without playing, but I always got sucked in. I'm more of a pictionary kind of girl, I always do quite well. But even though the I'm horrible at the game it does bring many good memories, so that is why I chose this post.

With all my blue tones I actually struggled to find a monopoly board coloured polish, finally after digging through my kit of random polishes I came across a tiny mark polish from Avon called Jade it was the perfect combo of blue and green. The rest of the design was painted using my instant artist paints, I started with jet black, painting in the random sections of the board. The colours I used to paint the design were fiery red, sky blue, rose, grape, orange peel and chocolate. Once all the little details were painted, I outlined everything and painted in all the writing.

I really enjoyed painting this one and it was a fun challenge painting in all the tiny words. I did have to alter the Go square because I couldn't fit everything in.