November 21, 2012

Fancy French

This one is a lot simpler than the designs I have been posting lately, but once in a while a nice clean french really excites me. I find most of my clients are going with full color these days, so I like to mix it up whenever possible. I remember not long ago when every single client I had wore french. It amazes me how much has changed over just a couple years. Now anything goes, women of all ages are wearing whatever they want without any concern of their age or any other factor. The clients I have that do wear french usually get a little something added to fancy it up a bit, so since they also follow my blog looking for new ideas, this one is for you guys.
This manicure was done using Nail Harmony Gelish to ensure that it lasted on the client. Once the white tip was applied and cured I painted the design. This one is really simple, as long as you get the brush strokes right. Using my altered Jet Black Instant Artist paint (I went into a little more detail about this paint yesterday)  I painted random parallel curved lines. Then using a small stylus I added in all the tiny dots. We liked the look of the black and white but came to the conclusion it needed a little bit more, so I went over the black lines using my 24k Glitter paint. The gold sparkle definitely completed the design. Even though this design is quite basic I really like the look of it.

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