November 01, 2012

Day 297 - Wayne's World

This post is the design I wore today for actual Halloween. At the salon we all went as men, either characters or famous people. When thinking of possibilities for my costume I really only saw one option Garth Algar from Wayne's World. Right now I have the straight across bangs and blonde hair, and I hate wearing wigs so this costume was perfect. Like most kids of the 90's Wayne's World was one of my favorite movies. I could not tell you how many times I watched it.

I went with all things Garth for this design. On my thumb I painted some of his catch phrases. The index finger was a tricky one, I attempted to paint Aerosmith to match the Aero Force One Tour T-shirt I made. Next was the middle finger, I started with a blue plaid to match my outer shirt. I wanted to paint his hands holding drum sticks in front, not perfect but it works! The ring finger I painted the black Wayne's World logo and finally the pinkie, I went with the nerd glasses, my favorite part if the costume.

These nails are not my best work of art but the did look pretty cute with the costume, I've posted a pic below


  1. How did you make the t-shirt?? My husband and I are going as Wayne and Garth for Halloween and I am having a hard time with the shirt!!

  2. I know this was posted 5 years ago, but awesome look! Waynes World, one of my fav SNL bits and 90s movies :-)