November 30, 2012

Day 365 - Nailed Daily Rage Comic

For my final post of the 365 day challenge, I went with a rage comic, I'm loving the rage faces memes and since this blog has brought on so many emotions I thought it would be a suitable end of my year. From Thinking I was not going to complete the challenge on time, then receiving so much love and support through my social media, it was truly overwhelming! And even though it came to an end in utter chaos I have never been prouder of another accomplishment in my life!
If only I had a couple more fingers, this could have been really cute. But with my five fingers that I paint on, this is how I summed up the year and my experience as a blogger.  This design was tons of fun to paint and surprisingly a lot easier than I imagined. In the last year the skill that I am happiest to have improve on is painting the fine details, there is no way Dec 1st last year I could have printed words so tiny on my nails. The skills that I have built from this blog made all the hours and hard work worth it! I believe you should never stop challenging yourself!
I hope you like this design and have enjoyed my posts over the last year, I never thought it would be so difficult. My only true regret is that I did not have more time replying to all your comments, I do read every one of them and I appreciate every word you write!!!
If you enjoy my blog and are worried it is coming to an end, don't!! I will be continuing to blog on a regular basis at least once a week, but honestly I'm hooked so it will probably end up a lot more often than not! I do plan to take a month off to work an exciting new project which I will be starting in the new year... Early 2103 I will be opening an online store selling custom nail sets :)  

November 27, 2012

China Glaze / Favourite Polishes

I have had this idea for the longest time and just never got around to doing it. I wanted to paint nail polish bottles on the nails using my favourite polish colours. I pretty much only use China Glaze so that made it even easier.

I started with a solid white background so that the polishes would show up as they do in the bottle. Next I panted the top half of the bottles over the nails, I used my Jet Black Instant Artist for this. The polishes I used to fill the design are five of my favourite colours. Starting with the thumb I used I'm Not Lion, Flip Flop Fantasy, Purple Panic, Blue Bells Ring and Aquadellic.

I had tons of fun doing this one. I am a bit of a polish addict, so it was extremely challenging to choose my favourites. I have way too many awesome colours to choose from

Matte vs Sparkle Filigree

I am loving the combo of matte polish with either a super glossy design or sparkle. When paired with the matte it creates a really nice contrast

For the design I had to use my new favourite polish, Blue Bells Ring by China Glaze. It already dries pretty matte but with the top coat it's perfect. I started by painting my nails with this awesome blue, then before continuing with the design I gave the nails a coat of Orly's Matte Top Coat. Next using my Jet Black Instant Artist paint I painted the French tip and the swirled filigree design. Originally I was going to go with shiner black so using a long thin striping brush and patent leather top coat I went over all the black design. Once complete I wasn't overly excited so I decided to continue with some glitter. With my Platinum Glitter paint I went over the swirls one last time.

I am very happy that I went with the glitter, it definitely makes the design. I'll add pictures of both below so you can see what in talking about.

November 24, 2012


Here it is, the sign I have been dreading for the last 11 months. Sagittarius is the last one of my zodiac collection, I saved it for the end because I really had no idea how I was going to do it. In the end I am glad I saved it, it was the most difficult to paint but with the practice from the other designs it actually ended up being pretty easy.

My biggest concern when painting this was painting the word Sagittarius, all of the other designs are done the same way, with the word over the middle three fingers, outlined in black then outlined in white. This one was a little trickier since the word Sagittarius is quite long. By my amazement I actually fit it all in on the first try, rather than the usual 2 letters per nail I had to squish 3 or 4. My next concern going into this design, was the symbol of the archer, it was also more difficult than the rest. The polish I used for the base was new shade from China Glaze's Christmas collection called Champagne kisses. Sagittarius is a fire sign, so I went with coppers , orange and brown tones for design.

Well now that its done, I can honestly say I panicked prematurely, it wasn't half as bad as I made it out to be in my head and I am actually pretty happy with the outcome.

November 23, 2012


Playing board games has always been quite popular in my family, and with the holidays coming up it makes me think of all the times spent playing with my cousins at my Nan & Granddad's house. Monopoly was always a group favourite, but I always hated it. Still to this day I am traumatized by the game. I think it because I am far too kind of a person to play, I always end up feeling bad for whoever is behind and end up helping them out to keep them in the game, long story short, I always lose and for some reason end up emotional. It's such a harsh game, you play for hours just to get everyting taken from you, with not an ounce of mercy. I would always try to be the banker without playing, but I always got sucked in. I'm more of a pictionary kind of girl, I always do quite well. But even though the I'm horrible at the game it does bring many good memories, so that is why I chose this post.

With all my blue tones I actually struggled to find a monopoly board coloured polish, finally after digging through my kit of random polishes I came across a tiny mark polish from Avon called Jade it was the perfect combo of blue and green. The rest of the design was painted using my instant artist paints, I started with jet black, painting in the random sections of the board. The colours I used to paint the design were fiery red, sky blue, rose, grape, orange peel and chocolate. Once all the little details were painted, I outlined everything and painted in all the writing.

I really enjoyed painting this one and it was a fun challenge painting in all the tiny words. I did have to alter the Go square because I couldn't fit everything in.

November 21, 2012

Fancy French

This one is a lot simpler than the designs I have been posting lately, but once in a while a nice clean french really excites me. I find most of my clients are going with full color these days, so I like to mix it up whenever possible. I remember not long ago when every single client I had wore french. It amazes me how much has changed over just a couple years. Now anything goes, women of all ages are wearing whatever they want without any concern of their age or any other factor. The clients I have that do wear french usually get a little something added to fancy it up a bit, so since they also follow my blog looking for new ideas, this one is for you guys.
This manicure was done using Nail Harmony Gelish to ensure that it lasted on the client. Once the white tip was applied and cured I painted the design. This one is really simple, as long as you get the brush strokes right. Using my altered Jet Black Instant Artist paint (I went into a little more detail about this paint yesterday)  I painted random parallel curved lines. Then using a small stylus I added in all the tiny dots. We liked the look of the black and white but came to the conclusion it needed a little bit more, so I went over the black lines using my 24k Glitter paint. The gold sparkle definitely completed the design. Even though this design is quite basic I really like the look of it.

Starbucks Red Cups

November 20, 2012


Today's post was inspired by my newest iPad app, Simpson's Tapped out. I usually stay clear of these kinds of simulation games, since they take up way to much time and I have very little. But a couple members of my family insisted I get it and I broke. So far I have been pretty good, only a few minutes a day. So when I no idea what to paint I decided to go and update my city. The second I opened the app it hit me, I have done a homer design in the past but never any of the other characters, so I figured why not give them a try.
For the base I used a pastel turquoise blue polish, it is Aquadellic from the China Glaze Electro Pop collection. For the majority of the design I used acrylic craft paint. I needed specific colors and even though I hate having to wash my brush between colors, it was less of a hassle then custom mixing my instant artist paints. I did use my altered Jet black paint to outline the design. when the paint gets to be slightly thick I cut the hairs out of the brush to thin out 2/3 of the thickness, then I add several drops of water and shake it up to make a nice liner. That's the main reason why I love the instant artist paints, since they are acrylic based rather than polish you don't need any thinners.

November 19, 2012


Today's post is another request from an Instagram follower, she requested this after seeing my Spider-Man and Batman nails I did back in the summer. I was very excited to paint this design, but I put it off for a while because I knew it would be a challenge, I wanted to do it right because I love doing comic book themes and there is only a couple more to do.

I started with a light blue polish, which ended up mostly covered with the nail art, but I wanted a nice sky blue for the parts you could see. For the design I used a combo of acrylic paints and Instant artisit paints. The blue was very specific so I used an acrylic for that, the orly colors I used were Jet Black, Crisp White, Fiery Red, Sunshine, beige, Platinum and Sky Blue. I went with the same style as the Wonder Woman nails, where I painted different sections of the character.

My WonderWoman nails were my favorite out of the comic book nails but I think this one may have actually bumped it into second place. I think its the superman blue that did it for me.

November 18, 2012


I have a long list of requests that I am starting to tackle, today's post is one of them. Dumbo was requested by one of my Instagram followers and I instantly loved the idea, not just because I always enjoyed the movie as a child, but because I could use this design to raise awareness for a cause that is dear to my heart. The only thing I am more passionate about than nail art is animal rights. One issue is that I am very against the treatment of animals in the circus, especially the elephants. I did this with my Nemo nails to raise ocean preservation awareness and it received the most likes out of any of my designs, I hope that this post will also reach as many people. I am not going to go off on a tirade about why you should not attend the circus, I'm just simply asking you click the link below and sign the petition to end the beating and abuse of circus elephants. I have attached a video by Alec Baldwin below if you would like more info on the topic

Sign Petition

For the base of this design I went with China Glaze Caribbean Escape, its a beautiful turquoise blue polish. The design was painted using my usual Instant Artist paints. The colors I used were: Crisp White, Jet Black, Chocolate, Beige, Pink Pastel, Fiery Red and Sunshine, I did have to mix black and white together to make the color of Dumbo, but other than that the colors I had were good.

I like painting designs that spread out over the nails, its always fun to have the extra challenge of making sure everything lines up. I could not be happier with how these turned out, the Disney designs are always my favorite!


November 17, 2012


I was planning my designs on my calendar put sagittarius in for the 22nd, when I realized I never did  do a Scorpio design. I am not sure what happeded with this one, but I completely forgot to do it. I guess I must have got caught up in alll the Halloween designs and it slipped my mind. but here it is, I am going to sneak it in at the end.

For the nails I used my new metallic blue polish from the China Glaze Christmas collection. The polish is Blue Bells Ring, this color looks completely different on the nail than it does in the bottle, and for once its actually way better. I am used to being disappointed because a polish is more translucent than it seems or other issues like that. This polish is surprisingly amazing. I do have a little bit of a blue polish addiction so I was very happy I went against my plan of not buying anymore blue shades because I would definitely be missing out. The rest of the design I went with golds and bronzes which I think complimented the blue nicely. When I pulled out the colors for the design I initially had red out, but realized I was picturing a lobster in my head, lol! I have absolutely no idea why, but I had a good laugh to myself. That could have been embarrassing!! So instead I painted the scorpion, for this I used my Instant Artist paints in Chocolate and a Copper shade from the birds of a feather flights of fancy kit, not sure what the name is because they do not sell it individually. The writing and symbol were painted using Solid gold, Crisp White, Jet Black, Fiery Red and 24K Gold Glitter, in the usual style as all the previous signs.

I enjoy doing these designs, it's sad I only have one more to go, and to top it off its the one I have been dreading the whole time

Vampire Diaries / Damon

As mentioned yesterday I have moved on from my love of twilight. I have been cheating with better Vampires! My newest, almost sick obsession is with Vampire Diaries. I have been looking for something to get me through my True Blood withdrawal and this definitely hit the spot. I watched all the seasons over two weeks and I have finally started functioning like a normal human again. I'm not going to lie, it's probably contributed to me not blogging the last little while, if you watch the show I'm sure you'll understand.

If you notice in the picture, it really isn't a Vampire Diaries design, more of an tribute to Ian Somerhalder, I'm a little sick, I know it!! Lol! But he is the root of my new found addiction. For me there is only one thing hotter than a bad ass vampire, and that is a guy who's into Animal rights and preserving the earth. When I found out he was both, I was done for! I instantly turned full stalker mode.

The decals were made like all the previous designs Like it. I started with edited photos printed on decals and applied them to nails covered in white nail polish. Much easier said than done, but I can't complain the decals applied pretty evenly. With only a few minor issues. Plus when you have someone this hot on your nails it really is difficult to come up with anything negative to say about it :) hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

November 16, 2012

Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2

I have been so busy over the last two weeks, which I am definitely not complaining about. I am still nailing daily but unfortunately have not had much time to blog about it. I'll try and do a couple mass uploads over the weekend. But tonight seemed like an important night to come out of my blog coma. Last year my Twilight nails were very popular and I could not miss out on doing a new set for the release of the final movie. I will admit, a lot has changed in the last year, I have taken on a couple new vampire addictions which I do enjoy more than the Twilight series. But since this is the last movie I am still pretty pumped to see it!

These nails were done using home made decals, they turn out great but can be a big pain in the butt to do. If you want full directions just click the tag below for water slide decals and I give directions on the other posts. The hardest part about making the decals is figuring out the sizing of each picture and then applying it to the nail straight. The thumb had to be redone a couple times. But with practice they become easier and easier. This set is by far my most successful water slide decal design.

November 11, 2012

Remembrance Day

Happy Remembrance Day Everyone!!! I have painted Remembrance Day designs in the past, but for some reason have always hated how the poppies turned out. My mission today was to paint a proper poppy!
I will start by saying that I am pleased with the outcome. The base color works great with the design but did create some headaches for me. The polish is China Glaze Four Leaf Clover and it is the only polish I have every had bleed into the design, After everything was painted and top coated the design began to turn neon yellow. To say the least I was not impressed. But once everything was fixed up I was happy!

November 06, 2012

- Dream catcher

This is the most excited I have been over a design in a long time. An Instagram follower requested it and at first I had no idea where to begin but once I got into it, it just grew into something I absolutely loved.
The design was painted using acryli paints, first I sketched it out in grey, then built up the different colors to add dimention. to finish it of I outlined it with my Jet Black paint and added some crystals. I can say that I am truly in love with this design!!

Leather and Chains

November 05, 2012

Justin Beiber

BC Lions

With Hockey absent from our lives, I needed to support another local team. I am not a fan of football whatsoever, I have on occasion received tickets and attended a game which can be fun when you are there live. But other than that I really have no interest in the sport.
I do how ever think we have awesome team colors and an great logo, so I looked forward to painting this design. I started with black tip, it's Liquid Leather from China Glaze. the Instant Artist paint used where Orange Peel, Jet Black and Silver, it looks a little bit halloweeny but that's ok! Its the first time in forever I have hand painted a sports logo, I enjoyed it!
I hope you like the design and for what its worth, Go Lions!!!

November 02, 2012


Today's post is definitely a fun one, a Instagram follower had requested Nutella nails and I was instantly all over it. I am a huge lover of Nutella so I thought it would be tons of fun to give this design a try


November 01, 2012

Day 298 - Dia De Los Muertos

Today's post is sugar skulls for Dia De Los Muertos or Day Of The Dead. For those of you who do not know what this is, its a two day celebration to remember loved ones that have passed away. It's not a day that I celebrate but I think the idea is great. I have been fortunate to not have lost too many people in my life, but the ones I have lost have made a big impact on my life. While painting these nails I made sure to take time to remember these people.
For this design I started with a beautiful metallic blue from the bohemian collection. Using white paint I painted in five different shaped skulls. Next I out lined the skulls and painted all the little details in black.  I went a little thicker so I could layer the bright colors on top and still have some of the black show underneath. This design required no special mixing of colors, so I was able to use my Instant Artist paints for the entire design. The colors used were Fiery Red, True Blue, Rose, Orange Peel, Sunshine, Sky Blue, Hot Pink, Leafy Green, Crisp White and Jet Black.
I am really happy with how this turned out, I enjoy all the bright colors and designs that sugar skulls come in

Marbleized Floral

Day 297 - Wayne's World

This post is the design I wore today for actual Halloween. At the salon we all went as men, either characters or famous people. When thinking of possibilities for my costume I really only saw one option Garth Algar from Wayne's World. Right now I have the straight across bangs and blonde hair, and I hate wearing wigs so this costume was perfect. Like most kids of the 90's Wayne's World was one of my favorite movies. I could not tell you how many times I watched it.

I went with all things Garth for this design. On my thumb I painted some of his catch phrases. The index finger was a tricky one, I attempted to paint Aerosmith to match the Aero Force One Tour T-shirt I made. Next was the middle finger, I started with a blue plaid to match my outer shirt. I wanted to paint his hands holding drum sticks in front, not perfect but it works! The ring finger I painted the black Wayne's World logo and finally the pinkie, I went with the nerd glasses, my favorite part if the costume.

These nails are not my best work of art but the did look pretty cute with the costume, I've posted a pic below