October 27, 2012

Day 293 - Candy Corn French

The last couple days my nails have been in a state of trauma. A couple tips ripped off leaving me with very thin sore nail beds. Today the nails finally stopped throbbing so I wasted no time to throw on a new set, I have not worn pointy nails since the summer so I decided to rock them again. I am always surprised how wearable this shape is, yes I do poke myself from time to time but they are a million times easier than if they were this length and square.

It took some time to remove all the old acrylic and do a new set, so I went with a very simple design for today's post. I think candy corns a absolutely discusting but the are cute and go with the holiday. When I was looking at my pointy tips, these triangular candies were the first thing to pop into my head. I started with a sparkly base and for the tips I used three colors of instant artist paint in Sunshine, Orange Peel and Crisp White. To add some more definition I painted a thin silver line using Platinum Glitter.

I am not sure if its just because I am really excited about having pointy nails again but I love this design. its really simple but equally fun with all the bright colors

Polish: Zoya Snowcicle

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