October 27, 2012

Day 292 - 3D Skulls

I haven't had 3D nail art in a little while, so for this post I wanted to go with some 3D skulls. I love using the acrylic molds, before my blog my nails were always fully embellished with 3D but now it is far to difficult to remove to have it on for a day.
I started with a glittery charcoal polish. For the french I used China Glaze Black Mesh crackle polish, I didn't want a solid tip so I thought this would have a nice effect. Next I went over the smile line with a silver sparkle and some tiny white dots. The last step was to create the skulls, this is super easy with the 3D molds. All you do is press the acrylic into the mold and wait until its about 75% hardened. You want some flex so it forms completely to the nail. The only difficult part about this design is waiting for the acrylic to dry, especially if you want multiples of the same size object.

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