October 16, 2012

Day 287 - Jack-O-Lanterns

My pumpkin nails were definitely a hit, so I wanted to do a similar design with jack-o-laterns. Instead of painting them in orange, I wanted to go with a silhouette look and paint them in black tones. I wont be carving pumpkins this season, so this is my jack-o-lantern fix for the year.

For the base I went with this translucent orange sparkle, I wanted the focus to be more on the tips so I stayed away from a solid. I found this random zoya polish in my collection and it was great. To paint the pumpkins I needed to layer the colors to get the effect I was going for. I started with black acrylic paint and painted in the general shape of each pumpkin. Next I mixed orange acrylic paint with a tiny drop of black, this gave me orange that was almost black it was so dark, using this color I painted in the sections of the pumpkins. To paint in the glowing cut out features I used the orange to paint random faces on the pumpkins. The last step to make the detail pop a little more, was to outline all of the orange details with a black striping paint.

I am really quite happy with the outcome of this one. I wasn't particularly fond of the pumpkin patch nails which inspired this design, so it made me happy to paint a version that was more my style

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