October 16, 2012

Day 286 - Blood and Fangs

On monday I couldn't bring myself to remove my zombie nails, so today is a double post day. I decided a good transition from zombies would be for me to move onto my second favorite monster Vampires. This design is a lot more simpler than my last, but also lots of fun. But I must admit this one is a little bit more wearable.

This design does not have many steps. I started with a solid glossy black polish, I always go with China Glaze for my black I find it has the best coverage. Next using my Instant Artist paints I painted the lips and dripping blood, for this I used Fiery Red. With my Crisp White paint I added in the fangs and little highlight marks here and there to add detail. The final step was to go back in with Jet Black and clean up the lines a little bit.

This design is super easy to do and so much fun! I know vampires are a popular costume choice, so hopefully I will get to do this one again!

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