October 14, 2012

Day 285 - Zombie Attack / The Walking Dead

All day the only thing I could think about was tonight's premier of The Walking Dead. The weather is horrible, a torrential down pour and on top of it I am sick. So the only thing that could have possibly cheered me up today was a little zombie action and I sure got it, the episode did not disappoint  Ever since I was a child I have been crazy obsessed with zombies, I have seen every movie, I cannot tell you how many times I've watched the night of the living dead movies. So when Walking Dead started I was just beside myself, when I started my blog I was no where near confident enough to give this design a try, but the last two months I have been dying to give it a go. I hope you like it as much as I do!

For my zombie nails I wanted to go with a pretty color but also a color that would go with decaying flesh, lol! Not the easiest to find but I think I did. I went with a greeny gold metallic from the bohemian collection, which I think worked perfectly for this design. The zombies were based on pictures from the walking dead comic books, they were much easier to reference than screen shots. The paint used was acrylic craft paint, it took a lot of mixing to get the right shades but eventually got it. I painted the base of each zombie with a thick full coverage coat of paint, then to add the shading and paint in some details I just added a tiny bit of brown to the paint and a drop of water to thin it out. I find it easier to do shading when you have a more translucent paint. Once all the zombies were painted in, I gave them eyes and darkened up some of the features with black striping paint. Last step for the zombies was to add in some blood, I mixed a little bit of brown into red paint and applied randomly around each mouth. On the thumb I painted a chain link fence and the words The Walking Dead. For this I used Instant artist Platinum and Jet Black.

 I had way too much fun painting these nails, I think they could possibly be my favorite of all time! I was surprised how much easier it is to paint zombies than regular people. Makes my life a lot easier when things don't really have to be perfect, really the more messed up it turns out the better the zombie.

Polish: China Glaze Rare and Radient


  1. That's awesome! I didn't watch it. I'm going to wait and watch a couple in a row. I hate waiting a week lol

  2. These are awesome Jessica! We love The Walking Dead at our house too!