October 13, 2012

Day 284 - Spooky Night

Today I am posting a design I did on my client this morning, she's a regular who loves nail art. For her Halloween nails we went with a night scene of spooky houses and trees with 3D black cats.

When choosing the base color, She liked the polish I had on my nails (from yesterday's design) but I decided it would look better with a fade. I painted all of the nails with the bright blue that I had on, then using a makeup sponge with one edge ripped off I sponged a darker blue around the cuticle fading toward the tip. The design was painted using Instant Artist paints, I painted the houses, trees, bats and graveyard with Jet Black, For the moons I painted a large circle with crisp white, then with my beige paint I added in some minor details painting little circles for craters on the moon.  We wanted to add 3D black cats on the index fingers, these were made using an 3D mold and Black Acrylic. The final step was to paint the windows and the eyes of the cat using Hot Yellow.

This design looked really cute in person, But unfortunately I was in a bit of a rush and did not get the greatest picture. I didn't realize until I went to watermark the photo, that the picture was a little reflective and I also cut out a finger. Well it will have to do, and I'm sure you get what I was going for.

Polish: China Glaze Splish Splash and Blue Iguana

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