October 04, 2012

Day 274 - Autumn Fade with Leaves

Today I was going through some old polishes and came across a couple untouched minis from the 2010 OPI Burlesque Holiday collection. The second I saw them I new I had to do a fade with a fall design. I have already posted leaves, but decided to do it again with a completely different effect. I had seen some other nail artists post photos using the Konad stamps, there is one template that has the same leaf staggered over the nail and i thought it looked kinda cute. And I knew it would look even cute hand painted with a little more variety in the leaves.
This design is super easy and even easier to explain than it is to paint. I started with a solid nail in the lighter metallic copper polish. Next I applied the darker shade, This polish is a fabulous reddish bronze color. This polish was really easy to fade, it is a bit thinner than your average polish,  so I was able to fade the color down with simple back and forth brush strokes (painting side to side instead of up and down) If this had been a thicker I would have had to sponge the darker color on. For the design I simply painted the outline of different leaves using my Instant Artist Jet Black paint. I used the paint where I had removed some of the hairs from the brush. I find it gives me better control and a thinner line.
I am really happy with the outcome of this design, I love the clean simple design on top of the fade.  It is surprising to me that I like the color combo, I am not one to wear any shade of orange but I think this polish actually looks pretty good.
Polish: OPI Risng Star and Take The Stage

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