October 02, 2012

Day 272 - Random Girly Nails

Today I did my sister-in-laws nails, she had liked the design I did a little while ago with roses on striped and polka dot nails, I wanted to do something a little different so we did some brainstorming and this is what we came up with. Lately I have seen lots of nail designs where all 10 fingers are different, I just love the look and decided that would be the best way to take the previous design to the next level. 
I started with the two fingers on each hand with the roses (like I had painted on Sept 23rds post) using Gelish instead of regular polish for the base. Next was the sparkly nails, for these I simply painted a coat of glitter Gelish and cured it, next I pressed loose pink glitter on to the nail until it was completely covered. With brush on gel resin I attached the swarovski crystals to both nails. Moving on to the next design I painted the color block nail, I started with the same mint colored base and painted in the other colors using Instant artist Rose and Crisp White, I wanted to add a little sparkle so I pressed some opal glitter into the white triangles. Next step was the paint the black lines dividing the colors and attach the 3D bows, also with gel resin. We were then left with one last design, I felt like I needed a little more pink so I painted the nails with a bright bubblegum color. I painted the hearts with the rose paint and outlined them, they looked a little plain compared to the other nails so I pressed the same pink glitter from the sparkly nail into each heart.
I had fun painting these nails and I am sure I will be experimenting a lot with these types of designs. I like this one because even though it is completely random it still is color coordinated making it all match.

Polish: Gelish Sea Foam, June Bride and Passion

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