October 31, 2012

Day 296 - Horror Movie Killers

I knew before Halloween was over I had to paint this design. I live horror movies and always go on a major movie binge every October. I decided for today's post I wanted to paint some of my all time favorite horror movie killers. The five I chose were Jigsaw, Jason, Freddy, Leatherface and Chucky.

This was definitely on of the more difficult designs I have done in awhile, if you read my blog you know my least favorite thing to paint is people. Luckily all of these characters are kinda mangled looking which did help a little with painting the details. For this one I used acrylic craft paints to create the colors needed and a some of my instant artist paints for the finer details.

I am pretty happy with how this turned out, I hate the Freddy nail but what can you do. I am happy I challenged myself to give it a try!

Day 294 - Trick or Treat

Here goes a bunch of last minute halloween designs, I have been painting my nails every day, I just haven't had the time to type my blog posts. This set was done on a client, it is a combo of 3D acrylic and nail decals.

For this new set I started with black and pink acrylic sculpted tips, once the set was complete I created all the 3D embellishments using acrylic molds. I have quite the collection now, i think they are one of the greatest inventions. I am especially grateful for the mold with the letters, it's much easier to ensure I will fit all the letters when they are already made. The black cats and candies are also acrylic and all the rest are decals (yes I cheat sometimes) the decals were a gift with purchase from my supplier and I think they work great with the design.

Day 295 - Sparkles and Spiders

This design is what I wore with my costume on Saturday. I went out to a formal masquerade ball and decided to go as a ventriloquist dummy. I made the costume myself and it had tons of glitz, so of course my nails could not be outshined so I continued with the sparkle.

I started the design with a coat of gelish foundation, once cured I pressed silver sparkle all over the nails. The next step I painted a purple chevron French using purple gelish, I cured this coat and then pressed loose purple glitter into the tips. I loved the spider design I did at the beginning of the month, so I decided to go with another adaptation of that one. I painted a web on my ring and thumb with the web coming downward from the chevron tip. To finish the design I made the same crystal spider I had on day 273

October 27, 2012

Day 293 - Candy Corn French

The last couple days my nails have been in a state of trauma. A couple tips ripped off leaving me with very thin sore nail beds. Today the nails finally stopped throbbing so I wasted no time to throw on a new set, I have not worn pointy nails since the summer so I decided to rock them again. I am always surprised how wearable this shape is, yes I do poke myself from time to time but they are a million times easier than if they were this length and square.

It took some time to remove all the old acrylic and do a new set, so I went with a very simple design for today's post. I think candy corns a absolutely discusting but the are cute and go with the holiday. When I was looking at my pointy tips, these triangular candies were the first thing to pop into my head. I started with a sparkly base and for the tips I used three colors of instant artist paint in Sunshine, Orange Peel and Crisp White. To add some more definition I painted a thin silver line using Platinum Glitter.

I am not sure if its just because I am really excited about having pointy nails again but I love this design. its really simple but equally fun with all the bright colors

Polish: Zoya Snowcicle

Day 292 - 3D Skulls

I haven't had 3D nail art in a little while, so for this post I wanted to go with some 3D skulls. I love using the acrylic molds, before my blog my nails were always fully embellished with 3D but now it is far to difficult to remove to have it on for a day.
I started with a glittery charcoal polish. For the french I used China Glaze Black Mesh crackle polish, I didn't want a solid tip so I thought this would have a nice effect. Next I went over the smile line with a silver sparkle and some tiny white dots. The last step was to create the skulls, this is super easy with the 3D molds. All you do is press the acrylic into the mold and wait until its about 75% hardened. You want some flex so it forms completely to the nail. The only difficult part about this design is waiting for the acrylic to dry, especially if you want multiples of the same size object.

October 25, 2012

Day 291 - Bones, Blood and Brains

Today's post is kinda fun, a little morbid but definitely acceptable for Halloween. I wasn't sure what direction I was heaing with, I just started painting and made it up a I went.I ended up with the skull and random body parts

October 24, 2012

Creatures in the Night

this is a fun and easy Halloween design, On top of Liquid Leather Black polish I painted different shaped scary eyes. I started with a lime green acrylic paint, next using my Instant Artist paints I painted the centers a little bit brighter with Hot Green and Sunshine. With my jet Black paint I added in some pupils and with Crisp White I added the highlights. This design is very simple to do but has a really fun effect. I couldn't find my glow in the dark top coat, but that would have been really cool!

October 23, 2012

Day 290 - Beetlejuice

For today's post I wanted to paint some Beetlejuice nail art, I absolutely loved the cartoon and thought it would make a really cute Halloween nail design.

For the base I painted three of the fingers black, one red and one lime green. You can't really see the two colored fingers since the characters take up majority of the nail, but that's okay. On the three black fingers I painted the thick white stripes alternating the directions. To paint the rest of the design I used acrylic paints and my Jet Black instant artist for the outline. This one was actually really hard, the design itself was manageable, but my nails were horribly grown out so painting on the uneven surface was quite difficult.  Other than the odd dent or bump from the grown out nails, I can say I am very happy with the outcome.

October 22, 2012

Big and Small Save Them All!

Here is another Breast cancer awareness design, you can never have enough! I saw a tshirt at walmart last night that had the sayin "Big or small save them all" and I thought it was far too cute not to incorporate it into a nail design. So I went with different size and styles of bras.
On top of a white french, I used Orly Instant Artist paints in Rose, Pastel Pink, Crisp White and Jet Black. This design is fun and girly but also spreads a good message, I am very happy with the end result!

October 20, 2012

Day 289 - Nightmare Before Christmas

For today's post I wanted to paint one of my favorite movies to watch at Halloween, and that is Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas. In my opinion this movie is perfection, I love almost everything Tim Burton does but this is for sure my favorite!

For the base of this design I wanted to go with a marbleized look, I figured this would create some depth and background detail. To achieve this look I simply painted the nails with a coat of black polish, then for the second coat I painted random dots of blue, charcoal and the black swirling them with the polish brush. Its a very subtle marble effect but just enough to break up a solid background. For the characters I used mostly acrylic paint with the odd Instant artist for the finer details. I was pretty lucky with the colors, I didn't have to mix to many shades.

I am very happy with these, next post will have to be a client because I won't want to take it off!

October 17, 2012

Day 288 - Bewitched

Today one of my coworkers asked if I had painted a witch yet, since I had not I decided to google famous witches. there were so many witches I wanted to do but I decided to go with a Bewitched design. Samantha is probably the furthest from the typical Halloween witch that I was searching for but I loved the show and had to do it. I was not born when the series ran but I did spend many hours watching Nick at Night in the 90's, this show was definitely one of my favorites.
 The color I chose for the base was a bright metallic royal blue from Essie. this is an awesome nail polish, I am usually pretty biased and stick with China Glaze but this shade was perfect for this design. I painted this based on the opening animation of the TV series, the picture is of a city scape over a night sky with Samantha the witch flying above. The buildings were quite easy to paint, they were mostly black with the odd set of yellow windows. I painted this over the four fingers. Once that was dry I painted the hand written Bewitched over the first three fingers. This step was by far the hardest, I found connecting the letters very tricky. On the thumb I wanted tho paint the full witch like it is seen at the beginning of the episodes, but once I started I knew there was no way I could fit her whole body and a broom. So I decided to paint a more close up shot.  The colors I used on the thumb are Instant Artist Royal Blue, Beige, Yellow Submarine, Fiery Red, Rose and Jet Black.
I think these turned out really cute, not quite what I originally had in mind for a Halloween design but it works!

Polish: Essie Aruba Blue

October 16, 2012

Day 287 - Jack-O-Lanterns

My pumpkin nails were definitely a hit, so I wanted to do a similar design with jack-o-laterns. Instead of painting them in orange, I wanted to go with a silhouette look and paint them in black tones. I wont be carving pumpkins this season, so this is my jack-o-lantern fix for the year.

For the base I went with this translucent orange sparkle, I wanted the focus to be more on the tips so I stayed away from a solid. I found this random zoya polish in my collection and it was great. To paint the pumpkins I needed to layer the colors to get the effect I was going for. I started with black acrylic paint and painted in the general shape of each pumpkin. Next I mixed orange acrylic paint with a tiny drop of black, this gave me orange that was almost black it was so dark, using this color I painted in the sections of the pumpkins. To paint in the glowing cut out features I used the orange to paint random faces on the pumpkins. The last step to make the detail pop a little more, was to outline all of the orange details with a black striping paint.

I am really quite happy with the outcome of this one. I wasn't particularly fond of the pumpkin patch nails which inspired this design, so it made me happy to paint a version that was more my style

Day 286 - Blood and Fangs

On monday I couldn't bring myself to remove my zombie nails, so today is a double post day. I decided a good transition from zombies would be for me to move onto my second favorite monster Vampires. This design is a lot more simpler than my last, but also lots of fun. But I must admit this one is a little bit more wearable.

This design does not have many steps. I started with a solid glossy black polish, I always go with China Glaze for my black I find it has the best coverage. Next using my Instant Artist paints I painted the lips and dripping blood, for this I used Fiery Red. With my Crisp White paint I added in the fangs and little highlight marks here and there to add detail. The final step was to go back in with Jet Black and clean up the lines a little bit.

This design is super easy to do and so much fun! I know vampires are a popular costume choice, so hopefully I will get to do this one again!

October 14, 2012

Day 285 - Zombie Attack / The Walking Dead

All day the only thing I could think about was tonight's premier of The Walking Dead. The weather is horrible, a torrential down pour and on top of it I am sick. So the only thing that could have possibly cheered me up today was a little zombie action and I sure got it, the episode did not disappoint  Ever since I was a child I have been crazy obsessed with zombies, I have seen every movie, I cannot tell you how many times I've watched the night of the living dead movies. So when Walking Dead started I was just beside myself, when I started my blog I was no where near confident enough to give this design a try, but the last two months I have been dying to give it a go. I hope you like it as much as I do!

For my zombie nails I wanted to go with a pretty color but also a color that would go with decaying flesh, lol! Not the easiest to find but I think I did. I went with a greeny gold metallic from the bohemian collection, which I think worked perfectly for this design. The zombies were based on pictures from the walking dead comic books, they were much easier to reference than screen shots. The paint used was acrylic craft paint, it took a lot of mixing to get the right shades but eventually got it. I painted the base of each zombie with a thick full coverage coat of paint, then to add the shading and paint in some details I just added a tiny bit of brown to the paint and a drop of water to thin it out. I find it easier to do shading when you have a more translucent paint. Once all the zombies were painted in, I gave them eyes and darkened up some of the features with black striping paint. Last step for the zombies was to add in some blood, I mixed a little bit of brown into red paint and applied randomly around each mouth. On the thumb I painted a chain link fence and the words The Walking Dead. For this I used Instant artist Platinum and Jet Black.

 I had way too much fun painting these nails, I think they could possibly be my favorite of all time! I was surprised how much easier it is to paint zombies than regular people. Makes my life a lot easier when things don't really have to be perfect, really the more messed up it turns out the better the zombie.

Polish: China Glaze Rare and Radient

October 13, 2012

Day 284 - Spooky Night

Today I am posting a design I did on my client this morning, she's a regular who loves nail art. For her Halloween nails we went with a night scene of spooky houses and trees with 3D black cats.

When choosing the base color, She liked the polish I had on my nails (from yesterday's design) but I decided it would look better with a fade. I painted all of the nails with the bright blue that I had on, then using a makeup sponge with one edge ripped off I sponged a darker blue around the cuticle fading toward the tip. The design was painted using Instant Artist paints, I painted the houses, trees, bats and graveyard with Jet Black, For the moons I painted a large circle with crisp white, then with my beige paint I added in some minor details painting little circles for craters on the moon.  We wanted to add 3D black cats on the index fingers, these were made using an 3D mold and Black Acrylic. The final step was to paint the windows and the eyes of the cat using Hot Yellow.

This design looked really cute in person, But unfortunately I was in a bit of a rush and did not get the greatest picture. I didn't realize until I went to watermark the photo, that the picture was a little reflective and I also cut out a finger. Well it will have to do, and I'm sure you get what I was going for.

Polish: China Glaze Splish Splash and Blue Iguana

October 12, 2012

Day 283 - 13 ghosts of Scooby-Doo!

I was out shopping and saw the box set of the 13 ghosts of Scooby-Doo series. It brought back total nostalgia for me, as a kid I love Saturday morning cartoons. Those were the good days, when cartoons were quality, sometimes inappropriate but great TV. Since I decided against purchasing the box set, I went with painting a Scooby-Doo nail design instead.
I got inspiration from the cover of the DVD set, it was blue and had the monsters I painted on the nails. The color was a bright blue so I chose to use one of my favorite polishes Splish Splash, its from the summer neon's and in my opinion  it is the perfect shade of blue. For the design I used Instant Artist paints, some had to be mixed together but for the most part the colors were bang on. the colors I used were Jet Black, Crisp White, Beige, Hot Blue and Chocolate. For the evil hands I mixed a little bit of black into the blue and for Shaggy's hair I mixed The brown and beige, the rest of the colors were as is.
I am really enjoying this cartoon kick that I am on, cant wait to show you the ones I have coming up!
Polish: China Glaze Splish Splash

October 11, 2012

Day 282 - Hotel Transylvania

When I was thinking of different Halloween designs I new I had to do this one. This movie is definitely on my to see list, I am a sucker for animated movies and I love Halloween, it sounds like the perfect combo to me. I can't wait to see it.
The polish I used for the base is from the China Glaze Magnetix II collection, It's a really pretty cranberry shade. At first I was going to magnetize the polish for a little bit of dimension to the background, but once it was applied I was distracted by prettiness of it and completely forgot. In order to paint these character I had to do a lot of custom mixing of paint, I used mostly Instant Artist paints and some regular acrylic craft paint as well. Each character had lots of different highlights and shadows, so I chose a color that would be used for the majority and then mixed it with black, brown and white giving me four shades to work with. since I haven't seen the movie I was completely sure which characters to go with, so I picked the ones I thought would look the best on the nails.
I am really happy with how this one turned out. Every time I decide to paint one of my cartoon designs I get anxiety, but I am finding it is getting easier and easier. 
Polish: China Glaze Positively in Love

October 10, 2012

Day 280 - Ghosts

The inspiration for this design came from a post I did last month. I had painted the nails alternating stripes and polka dots. I had also painted roses. Today I wanted to do something similar with a Halloween design. To make it a little bit different I went with super thin lines, tiny dots and of course ghosts instead of roses.
This design was quite simple, the real challenge was painting thin straight lines and keeping them as evenly spaced as possible. The ghosts and Boo!s were simply painted with a white striping paint and outlined with black. When I was done painting, I felt as though something was missing. I decided to add some crystal in green, purple and orange to add some extra color. I also added the odd tiny hexagon glitter around the crystals.
I am not in love with nails, I was actually really excited to remove it. But surprisingly they were a hit on Instagram, I am not sure what it is that I do not like but there is definitely something. 

October 09, 2012

Day 279 - Pumpkin Patch

With Halloween quickly approaching the pumpkin patches around town are open and in full swing. I have not been since I was in elementary school, but I do enjoy picking up a few pumpkins from the farmers market to carve. I'm a last minute kind of person so my pumpkins have been a little sad in the past. Hopefully typing this design will help plant the seed in my head to go early.

I wanted to go with a french tip for this design, the color I chose was a beautiful dark chocolaty shimmer. The pumpkins are pretty simple, it just takes a little patience. For the most part Instant Artist paints were used,  I started by painting the silhouettes of the pumpkins using chocolate. Next with hot orange I painted in the sections of the pumpkin, leaving the tiny bit of brown working as shadows. On my artist palette I mixed a dab of the orange paint with a little bit of Hot Yellow for a highlight color, I then added a thin line of this brighter color to each section of the pumpkins. To add even more definition I outlined the pumpkins using Jet Black. The last step was the vines, as mentioned before I hate the green color selection in the instant artist collection, so I went with my Green Grass Stripe Rite paint from So Easy.

I am not completely happy with the vines, I think I went a little overboard but that's okay! I tend to do that sometimes, it's easy to get carried away.

October 08, 2012

Day 278 - Charlie Brown Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!! (well at least everyone in Canada) hope you had a wonderful weekend filled with family and way too much food. I know I sure did. I had two thanksgiving feasts and I am definitely feeling it. 
As a kid I was always excited about this time of year. Thanksgiving was the start of the classic TV specials, starting with Charlie Brown Thanksgiving, taking us through Halloween into Christmas. So when I was thinking of what I wanted to paint on my nails I knew I had to paint Charlie Brown. I had painted a peanuts design for Christmas and it was one of my favorites, so I saw no other option for this post.
I started with a simple pearlized neutral polish, my nails are quite short right now so I didn't want to go with anything too busy. The characters were painted using instant artist paints in Chocolate, Beige, Hot Yellow, Crisp White and Jet Black. On the Index and pinkie finger I used two China Glaze polishes in Jamaican Out and Street Racing and applied then randomly in a dotting motion, next using my black paint I went over the dots and drew in some leaves. I was happy with how this turned out so decided to add some leaves  to the background of the other nails as well. to finish the design I painted in a tree on the index finger and the nails were complete.
I think this design is lots of fun for thanksgiving! it's not quite as awesome as the Christmas version but it is definitely my favorite fall design that I have ever painted.

October 07, 2012

Day 276 - Halloween Crackle

Today's post is a fun simple design anyone can do. I decided to do this design because I have so many crackle and shatter polishes that I have no idea what to do with. I really like the look of them but they never were popular with my clients. I have heard on numerous occasions that they look a little scary, so I thought they would be perfect for Halloween.
I started with a black polish, painting it partially up the nail not worrying about the diagonal line. Then using a flat square brush and polish remover I cleaned up the line so I was left with a diagonal tip without any polish. Using a neon green polish I filled in the tip with two coats of polish. Next I went over with China Glaze Ghoulish Glow top coat to make the polish glow in the dark. In order apply the purple crackle I had to wait until the tip was completely dry. Once I was good to go I painted one thicker coat of crackle. The thicker you apply the polish the larger cracks you get, I am not a fan of lots of small cracks, so I always paint it on thick. To finish off this design I pressed a heavy orange glitter into the line separating the black from the crackle.
China Glaze: Liquid Leather, Electric Pineapple, Ghoulish Glow and Crackle Fault Line

October 06, 2012

Day 275 - Owls

I have been meaning to paint owls for a while now, so you can imagine how excited I was when my cousin came into the salon and requested this design. She is involved in both Sparks and Brownies so she wanted some nails that would go with both groups. The Sparks wear pink so that is why we chose this specific french color. For the Brownies we went with the owls and obviously the brown that was incorporated into the design.
This design was done using gel polish to give it some durability. I started with a pink tip, once that was cured I added tiny polka dots to the tips of the nail using my smallest dotting tool. I found that the pink polish did not pop against the natural nail color, so I decided to paint a thin brown line followed by a line of China Glaze I'm not lion to give it a little more definition. The owls were painted using Instant Artist paints, I started with Chocolate and added the minor details with Pastel Pink and Crisp White. I finished it of with a Jet Black outline.

These nails are one of my favorites for sure. I think they are ridiculously cute and I'm kinda jealous I didn't get to wear them, but I am really happy that my cousin loved them and knowing that a bunch of Sparks and Brownies are going nuts for them makes me smile.


October 04, 2012

Day 274 - Autumn Fade with Leaves

Today I was going through some old polishes and came across a couple untouched minis from the 2010 OPI Burlesque Holiday collection. The second I saw them I new I had to do a fade with a fall design. I have already posted leaves, but decided to do it again with a completely different effect. I had seen some other nail artists post photos using the Konad stamps, there is one template that has the same leaf staggered over the nail and i thought it looked kinda cute. And I knew it would look even cute hand painted with a little more variety in the leaves.
This design is super easy and even easier to explain than it is to paint. I started with a solid nail in the lighter metallic copper polish. Next I applied the darker shade, This polish is a fabulous reddish bronze color. This polish was really easy to fade, it is a bit thinner than your average polish,  so I was able to fade the color down with simple back and forth brush strokes (painting side to side instead of up and down) If this had been a thicker I would have had to sponge the darker color on. For the design I simply painted the outline of different leaves using my Instant Artist Jet Black paint. I used the paint where I had removed some of the hairs from the brush. I find it gives me better control and a thinner line.
I am really happy with the outcome of this design, I love the clean simple design on top of the fade.  It is surprising to me that I like the color combo, I am not one to wear any shade of orange but I think this polish actually looks pretty good.
Polish: OPI Risng Star and Take The Stage

October 03, 2012

Day 273 - Spider Webs

Today is the first day of many exciting Halloween designs, It is by far my favorite holiday and I love October because of all the fun nail art. I find most of my clients get at least a couple nails done in a Halloween theme. It's great for the people who are not into dressing up but still want to have a little fun on the holiday. I decided the spider webs would be a good one to start with since it is the most popular request. I did have to fancy it up a little bit and add a spider made of crystals.
The base of this color is from the bohemian collection, I think its my favorite from the bunch but I am still undecided since they are all fantastic. One thing I am sure of, it's definitely an awesome color for Halloween! This design is a good one for all skill levels, painting spider webs is super easy.  You choose your starting point or centre and pull your lines outward fanning over the nail making sure they are evenly spread out. On the full web nail I start with an X and then pant a + going through it. The next step is the tiny connecting lines, these are just little swoops with a tiny arch. I try to imagine the c curve of a french when painting them. My trick though is the brush, I have one Jet Black instant artist which I have removed half of the hairs for a finer line, I find this is a huge help. The spider was the exciting part of the design, I could not contain myself when I thought of the idea. I glued a large round crystal (my supplier calls it large black AB round) but its a black crystal with many flat edges that pick up different colors. The one I used was a blue/purple mix. Then using a smaller pure black stone in the same shape I glued it to the nail just above the larger stone. With my black paint I painted four tiny lines coming out from either side of the spider, I paint two lines going up and two down curving in towards the spider on both sides. To add a little more detail I decided to add some eyes, since the edges of the crystals had flat surfaces I was able to glue two tiny clear crystals quite easily to the head of the spider.
I thoroughly enjoy these nails, So much that I may have to paint the same design again when I go out to a Halloween party on the 27th.
Polish: China Glaze Unpredictable

October 02, 2012

Day 272 - Random Girly Nails

Today I did my sister-in-laws nails, she had liked the design I did a little while ago with roses on striped and polka dot nails, I wanted to do something a little different so we did some brainstorming and this is what we came up with. Lately I have seen lots of nail designs where all 10 fingers are different, I just love the look and decided that would be the best way to take the previous design to the next level. 
I started with the two fingers on each hand with the roses (like I had painted on Sept 23rds post) using Gelish instead of regular polish for the base. Next was the sparkly nails, for these I simply painted a coat of glitter Gelish and cured it, next I pressed loose pink glitter on to the nail until it was completely covered. With brush on gel resin I attached the swarovski crystals to both nails. Moving on to the next design I painted the color block nail, I started with the same mint colored base and painted in the other colors using Instant artist Rose and Crisp White, I wanted to add a little sparkle so I pressed some opal glitter into the white triangles. Next step was the paint the black lines dividing the colors and attach the 3D bows, also with gel resin. We were then left with one last design, I felt like I needed a little more pink so I painted the nails with a bright bubblegum color. I painted the hearts with the rose paint and outlined them, they looked a little plain compared to the other nails so I pressed the same pink glitter from the sparkly nail into each heart.
I had fun painting these nails and I am sure I will be experimenting a lot with these types of designs. I like this one because even though it is completely random it still is color coordinated making it all match.

Polish: Gelish Sea Foam, June Bride and Passion

October 01, 2012

Day 271 - World Vegetarian Day

Today is World Vegetarian Day, a day I find very exciting. Being a vegetarian is a huge part of who I am and it makes me happy to have at least one day promote global awareness. I have only been vegetarian for 6 years, but in that short time it has made a huge difference in my life and since the day is all about awareness, Below I will post my top reasons to go veg and a video if you wish to watch it, I promise it will open your eyes.
This design I used a huge assortment of paints, I went with my usual instant artist colors when I could, but ended up using a variety of acrylic craft paint, some stripe rite colors and even the odd no name striping paint. I found for this design it was easier to paint the small shapes in black and then fill them in rather than try to outline the tiny details. For example when painting the eyes I would paint a couple black dots and wait for it to dry, then I filled it in with slightly smaller white dots. I go back and forth  but today this technique worked for me.
I have been so excited to paint these nails, I will truly be sad to take them off :(
Polish: China Glaze Electric Pineapple
I had to post the second photo from my instagram account to show how nicely
 the nails went with my Peta t-shirt
Why I am a Vegetarian
~ Eating meat is one of the biggest contributor to global warming, Factory farms create 40% more Green House gas emissions than all the cars, trucks and planes in the world combined
~Eating meat supports cruelty to animals, over 90% of animals raised for slaughter live in poor conditions never experiencing things that are natural to them such as grazing in a pasture or having a family

~chicken and pigs are as smart as most primates and have more complex personalities than your cat or dog. if you are okay with eating meat you should be okay with the idea of eating species used as household pets
~It takes one hundred times more water to produce a pound of beef than a pound of wheat. We have a growing world shortage of fresh water,
~Vegetarians are calmer and more spiritual than meat eaters
~You can not get fibre from meat or dairy, instead cholesterol and saturated fats, Vegetarians consume more iron and protein than the average meat eater
~Vegetarians live longer healthier lives, with a lower risk of cancer or heart disease. Women are 3 times less likely to get breast cancer when on a vegetarian diet. 
here's the video...by Peta narrated by Alec Baldwin