September 29, 2012

Day 269 - Libra

For today's post I painted another design from my zodiac collection, we are already a week into the sign Libra so I figured it was due. I definitely have no complaints about this sign, it was definitely one of the easiest to paint. The symbol is a simple scale where the others are mostly people or animals.

Libra is an air sign, so I went with cooler frosted tones. The base color is one of the lovely metallics from the bohemian collection. I am still majorly obsessed with these colors and use them at every chance. Like all the other designs I painted Libra across the three middle fingers, the color I used for this was Instant Artist  Platinum. Using Sky Blue I painted the glyph on the pinky and the scale in solid gold on the thumb. Once everything was outlined I decided to add some highlight to the scale and some sparkles to the glyph this polish happens to also be called Sky Blue, its a Stripe Rite paint from So Easy nail art.

Polish: China Glaze No Plain Jane

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