September 27, 2012

Day 267 - Purple Petals

Today's design was inspired by jewelry and an outfit. My client was attending a wedding and wearing the necklace in the photo with a purple dress and pewter shoes. I was given creative freedom to come up with any design to match the color scheme. I quite often go with the lotus flower style of petal, it's simple but in my opinion much fancier than the basic daisy.

The polish used for this design was gel polish, I went with a beautiful pewter shade to match the color of the shoes. Then with a fine glitter I painted a coat of sparkle polish from the tip fading down the nail. Once both coats were cured in my LED light I removed some of the stickiness with a dry gel brush. I had some swarovski crystals that matched the jewelry perfectly, so I blinged out the ring finger with an assortment of color and size crystals. The next step was painting in the petals I started with the black outline then filled in each petal with purple polish. To tie in the turquoise color I added a little pop of color to the inside of each petal.

This design is very similar to the flowers I painted on day 37, but I like that even though they are very similar, by just changing up the colors and painting it over a French instead of full color creates a completely different effect. Plus the first one didn't have all the fancy crystals.

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