September 26, 2012

Day 266 - Anna Sui

Today's post was painted on my friend who has a little bit of a Anna Sui obsession, but who can blame her. The cosmetics are definitely not the greatest but the girlie packaging is irresistible. I just love the color combo of the purple and black, then throw in the swirls, butterflies and roses way too adorable!
This manicure was done using Gelish to make it a lot more durable.  I started with the black polish painting a diagonal french on every finger except for the ring fingers which I painted in a soft lilac color. The polish used for the ring finger was no where near the color I wanted so I painted one coat to add strength and then blended a custom purple shade using acrylic paint. I used this for the second coat of the french. Using the same purple I added little swirls along the black french. On these nails I also painted in little purple roses using white and a darker shade of purple paint. With my Jet Black Instant Artist paint I outlined the flowers and added some black swirls on the purple tips. To finish off the design, I made some butterflies using a 3d mold and some black acrylic. When the butterflies were hardened I glued them to the nail and coated everything with some top gloss.
Polish - Nail Harmony Gelish Midnight Caller

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