September 25, 2012

Day 265 - iPhone Apps

With my super short square nails I tried to come up with a design that would fit on the nail and not make them look like they belong to a young boy. So iPhone apps is what I came up with, I am obsessed with my iPhone (to a fault) and I am actually pretty shocked I have not done this sooner. My phone is always in arms reach and I am constantly playing on it. For the design  I decided to go with some of my favorite apps, Instagram, Drawsomething (my biggest weakness), Pinterest,  Facebook and of course blogger. I threw in itunes to add another color to the mix.
I painted the nails with a nice opaque black polish. Then using my white striping paint I painted in the rounded square boxes for the apps, I figured starting with a white base the colors would really pop against the black polish. The colors I used to paint the icons were Orly Instant Artist Beige, Chocolate, Fiery Red, Hot Yellow, Leaf Green, Hot Blue, Hot Orange, Grape, Crisp White and Jet Black. For the Drawsomething and itunes icons I had to work very quickly when painting the color over the white, I painted the lines in inward motions kinda blending it in some areas with the still wet white paint.
I am super excited about how these turned out! and if you are interested in finding me on any of these apps here are my user names...
Instagram - @jvnaildesign
Drawsomething - Jessvero
Pinterest - Jessica Vero
Facebook - Jessica Vero Nail Design
Polish: China Glaze Liquid Leather

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