September 24, 2012

Day 264 - Marbleized French

I painted this design on my girlfriend who already had the idea when she came in. She had a photo on her phone of a design she liked and this is our rendition of it.

Her manicures are always done with gel polish to ensure that they last at least 3 weeks. Marbling with Gel Polish is way easier than regular polish because the gelish wont dry until cured in my LED light. I started with a pastel mint color French (you can't tell I know) I used the color because this shade was a neutral tone between the two polishes I used for the design, and this color gave a nice opaque coverage with one coat. Next step I used a solid white and a sheer royal blue to paint random dots all over the tips, when you could no longer see the original mint color I marbleized the two polishes by moving my dotting tool over the French in circular motions. To set the polish I cured it for 30 seconds and continued with the design. Using Instant Artist paints I painted a line under the french using Crisp White with a thinner line of 24K Glitter on either side of the white stripe. Then to finish off the design I added some crystals to bling it up a bit and sealed it all off with some Top Gloss.

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