September 30, 2012

Day 270 - Breast Cancer

Today is the perfect day for some Breast Cancer awareness nails. We have the CIBC Run For The Cure today in Vancouver and tomorrow is the first day of Breast Cancer month. I think everyone knows at least one person who has been effected by this horrible disease and it is very important to raise awareness where possible. I like to use my blog for a good cause whenever possible.

For this design I went with two shades of polish, a nice bright creamy pink with a sheer pink sparkle on top. Using my Crisp White Instant artist paint, I painted a ribbon on each nail, I then outlined it using Jet Black. With a random sparkly striping paint I went over the white and added some glitter, it still didn't have enough glitz so I added a Swarovski crystal to each ribbon. To finish the design I painted the words strength, love, believe, Hope and fight

I am really happy with the outcome of these nails, definitely a good design to kick off breast cancer awareness month!

Polish: China Glaze Dance Baby and OPI Princess Rules

September 29, 2012

Day 269 - Libra

For today's post I painted another design from my zodiac collection, we are already a week into the sign Libra so I figured it was due. I definitely have no complaints about this sign, it was definitely one of the easiest to paint. The symbol is a simple scale where the others are mostly people or animals.

Libra is an air sign, so I went with cooler frosted tones. The base color is one of the lovely metallics from the bohemian collection. I am still majorly obsessed with these colors and use them at every chance. Like all the other designs I painted Libra across the three middle fingers, the color I used for this was Instant Artist  Platinum. Using Sky Blue I painted the glyph on the pinky and the scale in solid gold on the thumb. Once everything was outlined I decided to add some highlight to the scale and some sparkles to the glyph this polish happens to also be called Sky Blue, its a Stripe Rite paint from So Easy nail art.

Polish: China Glaze No Plain Jane

September 28, 2012

Day 268 - SpongeBob Squarepants

This post is a request from one of my wonderful Instagram followers. I have been asked numerous times to paint SpongeBob nails and I have been putting it off. A couple days ago I was asked again and I decided to give it a go. Once I got in to the design I got really excited about it and could not be happier with the outcome!

I started with a turquoise blue polish from the zoya matte mods collection it's super cute matte or shiny, I went with shiny for this one. Painting the characters took a lot of custom mixing to get the colors right, I used an assortment of acrylic craft paints which gave me more options than my usual striping paints. When I was done painting all the characters I outlined them using my modified Jet Black instant artist paint. I always have a bottle on hand that I have added a couple drops of water to slightly thin it out and on top of that I remove majority of the hairs from the brush for a thinner line. I find this combo works perfectly for outlining fine detail. To finish off the design I wanted to add the final bikini bottom details, I painted in little pieces of the flowers you see in the background and added some random bubbles.

I had so much fun painting these, not sure why I put it off for so long

Glitter and Lace

September 27, 2012

Day 267 - Purple Petals

Today's design was inspired by jewelry and an outfit. My client was attending a wedding and wearing the necklace in the photo with a purple dress and pewter shoes. I was given creative freedom to come up with any design to match the color scheme. I quite often go with the lotus flower style of petal, it's simple but in my opinion much fancier than the basic daisy.

The polish used for this design was gel polish, I went with a beautiful pewter shade to match the color of the shoes. Then with a fine glitter I painted a coat of sparkle polish from the tip fading down the nail. Once both coats were cured in my LED light I removed some of the stickiness with a dry gel brush. I had some swarovski crystals that matched the jewelry perfectly, so I blinged out the ring finger with an assortment of color and size crystals. The next step was painting in the petals I started with the black outline then filled in each petal with purple polish. To tie in the turquoise color I added a little pop of color to the inside of each petal.

This design is very similar to the flowers I painted on day 37, but I like that even though they are very similar, by just changing up the colors and painting it over a French instead of full color creates a completely different effect. Plus the first one didn't have all the fancy crystals.

September 26, 2012

Day 266 - Anna Sui

Today's post was painted on my friend who has a little bit of a Anna Sui obsession, but who can blame her. The cosmetics are definitely not the greatest but the girlie packaging is irresistible. I just love the color combo of the purple and black, then throw in the swirls, butterflies and roses way too adorable!
This manicure was done using Gelish to make it a lot more durable.  I started with the black polish painting a diagonal french on every finger except for the ring fingers which I painted in a soft lilac color. The polish used for the ring finger was no where near the color I wanted so I painted one coat to add strength and then blended a custom purple shade using acrylic paint. I used this for the second coat of the french. Using the same purple I added little swirls along the black french. On these nails I also painted in little purple roses using white and a darker shade of purple paint. With my Jet Black Instant Artist paint I outlined the flowers and added some black swirls on the purple tips. To finish off the design, I made some butterflies using a 3d mold and some black acrylic. When the butterflies were hardened I glued them to the nail and coated everything with some top gloss.
Polish - Nail Harmony Gelish Midnight Caller

September 25, 2012

Day 265 - iPhone Apps

With my super short square nails I tried to come up with a design that would fit on the nail and not make them look like they belong to a young boy. So iPhone apps is what I came up with, I am obsessed with my iPhone (to a fault) and I am actually pretty shocked I have not done this sooner. My phone is always in arms reach and I am constantly playing on it. For the design  I decided to go with some of my favorite apps, Instagram, Drawsomething (my biggest weakness), Pinterest,  Facebook and of course blogger. I threw in itunes to add another color to the mix.
I painted the nails with a nice opaque black polish. Then using my white striping paint I painted in the rounded square boxes for the apps, I figured starting with a white base the colors would really pop against the black polish. The colors I used to paint the icons were Orly Instant Artist Beige, Chocolate, Fiery Red, Hot Yellow, Leaf Green, Hot Blue, Hot Orange, Grape, Crisp White and Jet Black. For the Drawsomething and itunes icons I had to work very quickly when painting the color over the white, I painted the lines in inward motions kinda blending it in some areas with the still wet white paint.
I am super excited about how these turned out! and if you are interested in finding me on any of these apps here are my user names...
Instagram - @jvnaildesign
Drawsomething - Jessvero
Pinterest - Jessica Vero
Facebook - Jessica Vero Nail Design
Polish: China Glaze Liquid Leather


September 24, 2012

Day 264 - Marbleized French

I painted this design on my girlfriend who already had the idea when she came in. She had a photo on her phone of a design she liked and this is our rendition of it.

Her manicures are always done with gel polish to ensure that they last at least 3 weeks. Marbling with Gel Polish is way easier than regular polish because the gelish wont dry until cured in my LED light. I started with a pastel mint color French (you can't tell I know) I used the color because this shade was a neutral tone between the two polishes I used for the design, and this color gave a nice opaque coverage with one coat. Next step I used a solid white and a sheer royal blue to paint random dots all over the tips, when you could no longer see the original mint color I marbleized the two polishes by moving my dotting tool over the French in circular motions. To set the polish I cured it for 30 seconds and continued with the design. Using Instant Artist paints I painted a line under the french using Crisp White with a thinner line of 24K Glitter on either side of the white stripe. Then to finish off the design I added some crystals to bling it up a bit and sealed it all off with some Top Gloss.

September 23, 2012

Day 263 - Roses, Stripes and Polka Dots

This design was painted on the owner of my salons daughter. She was celebrating her birthday and is a fan of my blog so I treated her to this cute mani. She was going for high tea and gave me complete creative freedom so this is what I came up with. I had painted these roses before on a couple posts (Victorian Roses on day 239 and Afternoon Tea on day 120) both of these designs were french so I was excited to paint them again on a full nail.
I started with the blue polish, it is hands down one of my favorite colors (what girl doesn't love a nice Tiffany blue?) originally I was going to stick with just the stripes but after the one nail was painted I felt I had to mix it up a little, so I pulled out my dotting tool and continued. The flowers are sooo easy to do, all you do is paint two dots of one color on top of each other I went with Instant Artist Rose next on either side of the two dots I painted two dots of white. After the dots are placed in a + I take my dotting tool and in a circular motion create a marbleized look. To turn these marbleized blobs into flowers I add in some definition using my Jet Black striping paint. to finish the design off I added in some tiny leaves.
I really enjoyed painting this design and I think it worked perfectly on smaller natural nails. 
Polish: China Glaze Aquadelic

September 22, 2012

Day 262 - First Day of Fall

I have to start this post by saying no I did not fall off the face of the earth and I definitely did not abandon my blog, I am so sorry that I have been MIA since august. We had a last minute move into a new condo and life has been chaotic. We are on the ground floor of a 14 floor building and have absolutely no cell service, quite frustrating when you use your cell for absolutely everything. Once the Internet was set up it was hard to get back into the swing of things, but I promise I am back and the blog will continue!
This design was painted on my client for the first day of fall, she wanted some nice bright autumn leaves painted over her nails. I loved the idea! and I am not going to lie I really enjoy Fall, yes our city can be a little bit wet but I enjoy switching over to the warmer clothing, plus every time the season changes so do all the polish trends. I was particularly excited about the release of China Glaze's Bohemian collection for fall. Every time new colors are released I usually pick up 2 or 3 of my favorites, but this one I could not bring myself to leave a single color behind they are all fantastic. The colors I used to paint the leaves were my usual, Orly Instant Artist Chocolate, Hot Orange, Hot Yellow, Beige, Fiery Red and Leafy Green.  the leaves were not quite popping like I had imagined, so using Jet Black I painted in some minor details and the design was done.
I have painted leaves in the past but for this design I went with a little more variety in leaf shape and added in the acorns, my favorite fall design to date.

Polish: China Glaze Unpredictable

September 09, 2012

Paws for a cause

Today we attended Paws for a Cause, a walk to raise money for the SPCA. it was a very nice event and a super fun play day for my dogs. For my design for the event I referenced a poster of a pug with the paws for a cause event info on it. I am not overly happy with how the pug turned out, but thats ok! it ould be a lot worse!
The polish is China Glaze White on White and the design is acrylic craft paint

September 04, 2012

Day 271 - Chip n' Dale

Today I wanted to paint some chipmunks, this time of year you see lots of squirrel and chipmunks stoking up for the colder months. When I was thinking about my design I decided to paint my two favorite childhood chipmunks Chip'n Dale. They remind me of my first trip to disneyland as a child. Growing up Rescue Rangers was always my favorite cartoon as well.
The french for this design is just a loose bronze glittler pressed into brown polish. the design is painted using Instant artist paints Chocolate, Beige, Crisp White, Fiery Red and Jet Black. 24K Gold was used along the smile lines of the french.

September 03, 2012

Day 270 - When Lightning Strikes

We have been having some crazy lightning lately so I decided to paint some lightning nails, I am not going to lie, I hate them! looked completely different in my head. I tried painting in silouttes of tream and stuff but when I look at them I see a whole lot of mess. When I showed my husband he asked if it was crackle or lightning. I think it may have actually looked better with purple crakle over white polish, but what can you do, over 365 days I am bound to hate at least a couple!

September 02, 2012

Day 269 - White Wine

On a nice summer day there is nothing I like more than a fresh glass of wine, I am moving so this weekend so I will definitely require a glass or two! I like the sweet wines, I mostly stick to reislings or even Moscato. So for today's post I wanted to do some white wine nails. I have seen lots of red whine designs, so I had to represent fpr us white wine lovers!
I started with this beautiful Champagne gold, It was the closest color I had to white wine. For the design I used mostly acrylic craft paint, but I did use my trusty Jet Back and Crisp White Instant Artist for the fine details.
These nails are definitely dangerous, subconsciously I think its making me crave glass, then that always leads to nothing being done!!  I cant be productive and truly enjoy a glass of wine at the same time!

September 01, 2012

Day 268 - Honey Bees

I have a new obsession with all natural bee produts, I just picked up a couple items at a farmers market and I am in love! So today I wanted to do a design for these wonderful little creatures.
The base color is Bahamian Escape, it's one of three China Glaze polishes I always use for sky. This fun summer design was painted using my usual Orly Instant Artist paints, the colors used are Sunshine, Crisp White, Yellow Submarine, Hot Green, Chocolate and Jet Black.
This one was fun to paint and as usual I try to sneak in something proactive if possible! I want to use this design to remind everyone that bee's are not the same as wasps, they only do good for the earth so please don't kill them! we have a shortage of bee's in north america!!