August 26, 2012

Day 261 - Tinkerbell French

Today I was so excited when one of my cousins came in and wanted Tinkerbell on her nails. A while back I did a full Tinkerbell design that spread over 5 full nails, I have fun painting these designs but they are not practical for everyday wear since they look silly when you separate your fingers. So of course I loved the idea of doing a modified version that my clients could wear, plus Tink is my absolute fave and I would gladly paint her on a 100 different designs.

I started with a gel polish french using a light purple shade, next I pressed the loose glitter into the tip completely covering the french. Using a green acrylic paint I painted a thin stripe along the smile line to give it that Tinkerbell look, then to top it off I painted in some random pixie dust.  On the ring finger I painted the partial Tinkerbell face using Orly Instant Artist in Beige, Hot Yellow, Chocolate, Sky Blue, Fiery Red, Crisp White and Jet Black

I am really happy I got to do this one and turns out, I like it way more than the original. It's really fun but also very wearable.

1 comment:

  1. I love these nails! Tinkerbell is my favorite too. You did her face so well I can't believe how much detail you can get onto that tiny nail.