August 24, 2012

Day 259 - Monkey Around

Tonight I decided to check another one off my never ending list of requests. A Instagram follower of mine asked for monkey nails and I decided to do it today to go with my new metallic green polish.
The color is one from the new Bohemian Collection from China Glaze. I just could not resist and had to buy them all. they were far to pretty to leave one behind. I usually despise green polish but I would even wear this color. I searched google for some monkey inspiration and fount all sorts of cute cartoon monkeys, these ones were my favorite.  The design was painted Using Orly instant Artist Paints in Hot Green, Chocolate, Beige, Hot Yellow, Crisp White and then outlined with Jet Black.
 I had tons of painting this one, I love painting animals and I think monkeys in paticular are super cute!
Polish: China Glaze Unpredictable

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