August 22, 2012

Day 257 - 28 Birthday Candles

For my birthday I decided to treat myself to a really cute but very simple design. I love painting my nails, but really did not want to spend the entire evening painting an elaborate design. so I decided to go with 28 candles since it is my 28th birthday.
I'll start off by saying thank god I am not a year or two older, I snuck in that last candle just by a hair and there is no way I could have fit a 29th. For this design I wanted to go with a shade that was almost black, you can barely tell since the color is so dark but it is Lincoln Park After Dark, it is so close to black that I thought why bother, but at this point I was committed so I continued on. I painted the candles using 5 shades of Instant Artist paint, in order I used Hot Pink, Grape, Hot Blue, Hot Orange and Hot Green. Next using platinum I painted a wick on each candle and added in  horizontal stripes going down each one.Using Hot yellow and Solid Gold I painted in the flame and then outlined everything in black to clean up my lines.
These were fun but honestly I dont love them as much as I thought I would, but thats ok, they were cute enough for the day. 


  1. Happy Birth day :)
    I would need a bit more than twice than´t many, so I'm not going to try LOL