August 21, 2012

Day 256 - Map of the World

This is another request from one of my fabulous Instagram followers, she asked me to do a map of the world. For this design I wanted to go with an old world map look.
This one is really easy to explain. I started with this plain beigey grey tone, then using my Chocolate Instant Artist paint I painted in the continents. I went from a picture on google and I really struggled with the proportions. Obviously a lot is missing, especially the further east I go but you get the idea. Even though this looks pretty simple, I found it really challenging. Once the map was painted I wanted to give it a slightly aged look so i added some color around the outside. I used a metallic olive green and applied it a little section at a time, then using my finger I disbursed the color giving it a rough sponged look.
As mentioned before I am very critical on the proportions, but overall I think it looks pretty good at first glance.
Polish: OPI Skull and Glossbones and China Glaze Rare and Radient

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