August 20, 2012

Day 255 - Acrylic Inlay

On the weekend we had a photoshoot at the salon where I work and I did the nails and makeup. This specific set as one of my favorites so I decided to use it for today's post. The theme we were going for was a peacock theme. I have painted a couple peacock designs already so I decided to go in a completely different direction with it.

I started with four custom blended shades of colored acrylic, a royal blue, teal, purple and gold. I started with a diagonal strip of purple then while the acrylic was still wet I added the purple hexagon glitters (aka glequins) Next I applied a gold stripe going across the centre of the design, keeping it heavier at the tip fading downward. In the remaining corner I faded the royal blue into the teal and applied the color coordinating glequins. I then capped everything in clear acrylic to seal in the inlay. To finish of the design I painted the black lines.

I think these turned out great for the shoot, I added a picture below.

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