August 15, 2012

Day 251- One Direction

I have had a few followers request One Direction nails over the last few months. I am not going to lie, I have been putting it off for ever because I am not a fan...please don't leave angry comments or stop following!! Lol! I do not dislike one direction, I'm just not crazy about them. But there is still hope for me, it took about 2 years before I jumped on the Justin Beiber band wagon, so who knows it could still happen...

My nails are super short right now so I was a little bit limited on my design. I decided to paint the names of the guys over three of the five fingers. On the middle finger I painted the two flags and on the thumb I painted I heart 1D. With the exception of the blue, all the paints I used were Instant Artist, the colors are Crisp White, Jet Black, Fiery Red, Hot Orange, Hot Green, Grape, Pink Pastel and Dark Purple. I think these turned out pretty cute, I personally wouldn't wear them after today, but I'm sure lots would.

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