August 14, 2012

Day 250 - Alice in Wonderland

Still on my mission to complete all the requests, I thought I would tackle one of the more challenging ones, Alice in Wonderland.

I though I was keeping it simple by not actually painting each character, instead I just painted enough so you could tell which character I was portraying but not have to go into full detail. Either way this one was definitely difficult.I hope it Is not too busy and you can tell what everything is, if not here's a quick rundown...On the thumb I painted a tea set and the "eat me" cookies that make her grow. On the index finger I painted the pocket watch with the ears of the rabbit. The middle finger is a shrunken Alice holding the bottle labelled "drink me". I painted the Chesire Cat, a mushroom and a butterfly on the ring finger. Finally the pinky finger is the Mad Hatter's Hat. I think I pretty much used every color in my nail art kit, I really cannot begin to list off every thing I used, i can tell you it was a combo of nail art paints, instant artist and acrylic craft paint. These did take a little longer than expected but it was well worth it, I am very happy with the outcome!


  1. This is awesome! Glad I found your blog - you're definitely talented. =)

  2. Is it possible if I can pay you to do that on my nails?