August 12, 2012

Day 248 - Rainbows

Today is a double post day since I am trying to catch up from the last couple weeks. This design was another request from one of my followers, at first I was unsure if I should do it so close to pride since I painted rainbow nails only a week ago. But these are actual rainbows and very different from the striped nails I had done before, so I decided to forward and do it.

For this design I wanted to go with the combination of matte and glossy, I thought it would make the rainbows really pop against the blue. I started by painting my rainbows, the paints used in order are; Fiery Red, Hot Orange, Hot Yellow, Hot Green, Hot Blue and Grape (all Instant Artist) next I painted in the little white clouds in the corner of each nail. To finish it off I went over just the rainbow and cloud with China Glaze Patent Leather Top Coat, I really like how this effect turned out! These are super cute and another great suggestion!

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