August 09, 2012

Day 245 - Leopard Print, Chains and Crystals

Today's post is my nails from Vegas. A lot of the clothes I was packing were blues and purples, so I wanted  to go with a design that would work with this color scheme. I also wanted some embellishments, so I went with some crystals and chains

I started with a gold polish, and yes it is I am not a lion (again)  I know I have used it a lot lately but I love it. When the polish was semi dry, I pressed leopard print foil into the nail polish. I covered the ring and thumb with the print and on the other fingers just applied it more towards the tip. Next I applied some blue, purple and black swarovski crystals on the ring and thumb. On the remaining fingers I painted a diagonal french in base coat and dipped the nail in blue glitter. To finish these nails, I outlined the tip with black and applied the gold chain using some nail glue. I really enjoyed these nails, They were perfect for my trip and i was impressed that I didn't lose a single chain or Crystal.

Polish: China Glaze I'm Not Lion

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  1. Wow great post, i love this nail polish. Thanks you very much share this post with us.