August 05, 2012

Day 241 - Olmpics Events

While watching the summer games I had this idea for another Olympic design. For each individual event there is a logo of a white figure playing that sport. When I saw these, I knew they I wanted to paint them on my nails.

This post is going to be super quick as there is not much to explain. I mixed two colors together to get this shade of blue, I started with a solid turquoise and then applied a coat of shimmery blue to cut the green. Then for the little characters, I painted them in using my Crisp White Instant Artist. I think these turned out really cute! I like how simple they are.

Polish: China Glaze Custom Kicks and Avon Lagoon

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  1. hehe, these look really fun and simple! I've stopped by to also let you know that I've tagged you for Liebster Award!

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