August 04, 2012

Day 240 - Olympic Mascots

As I try desperately try to catch up with my posting, I am so happy that the Olympics are on giving me all sorts of inspiration. Tonight's first post is the mascots, I have no idea what these things are suppose to be but I think they are kinda cute

I started by painting Wenlock and Mendeville using a variety of nail art and acrylic paint. I wasn't completely sure what to do next so I painted London 2012 on the thumb with the ribbons if color wrapping around the nails. I think it worked out pretty good, and as weird as these guys are, I think they look kinda cute on the nails


  1. The thumbnail is great, actually all the nails are done really well. But these are the worst mascots ever!!! I was watching TV and an interviewer was walking around asking people on the street what they thought these guys were... almost everyone though they were a penis. How did the Olympic committee approve them?

    MukMuk and Quatchi were so much cuter :)

  2. Haha I did the olympic mascot too! I don't even know what they are.