August 03, 2012

Day 239 - Victorian Roses

I am going to try and post at least two posts a day until I am caught up. While I was on hiatus from my blog my girlfriend came in to get her nails redone. She had a picture on her phone of a design she liked, and this is our collaborated version of that design.

I started by painting a diagonal french on the nails using a nice peachy nude gel nail polish. Once the base color was completely cured, I painted in the roses. The technique for these flowers is so easy, first I paint two dots of pink, then a dot of white on either side. While the paint is still wet I use an orange wood stick and in a circular motion marbleized the small flowers. Next using the pink shade I paint the thinnest outline adding some detail of petals as I go. For this design I wanted to add a lace like pattern along the french, so I dug through my nail art kit and found these nail decals which worked perfectly for the design. On the pinkie finger we wanted to go with something a little different, so instead of painting flowers on the french I painted a coat of glitter polish and added some rhinestones to match the color scheme of the flowers. Lately a lot of clients have been asking for the one random sparkly finger, I love this look and I think it definitely  made this design a little bit more fun

Polish: Nail Harmony Gelish Forever Beauty

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