July 19, 2012

Day 232 - Dark Knight Rises

Who's pumped for the release of Dark Knight Rises?? I know I am! I cannot wait to go see this movie,  and of course I jumped on the opportunity to do a Batman themed design in time for tonight's release. I went based on two of the posters for the movie, I have attached them to the bottom of the post.

For this design I went with a steel blue polish from the Magnetix collection, but I kept it solid and did not use the magnet. Next I painted in some buildings in silver as background over the nails. The three fingers were easy, I painted a bunch of different size bats covering the nails. On the ring finger I painted Batman with the bat light in the background. finally for the thumb I gave the nail a coat of black polish and painted the logo.

These nails were way too much fun! And I love that this design is on pointed nails, I think it makes them that much better! The Spider Man Nails were one of my favorites but I think this one definitely bumped them down a spot.

Polish: China Glaze Draw Me Close and Liquid Leather

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