July 17, 2012

Day 230 - On Pointe

I am absolutely loving my pointed nails and I was stuck for an idea all day of what to paint on them. I kept thinking what could I paint on a point, after saying this several times in my head it hit me, instead of on a point...on pointe! I had a request for ballet nails a while ago and I have been putting it off, so today I thought two pairs of ballet slippers on pointe would work perfectly.

These were really, really easy to do! All I did was paint the slippers using Pink Pastel Instant Artist, then I filled in the areas for the feet in Beige and finished it by outlining everything using Jet Black. I think these turned out great, unfortunately I think I may have to ditch the pointed nails though. I'm hoping to keep them for the rest of the week, but it's very difficult coming up with designs to paint on them. I promise you though, they will return!!  I love them too much to give them up forever.

Polish: China Glaze Heavenly