July 16, 2012

Day 229 - My Dogs

Today's design was inspired by a little side business I did a while ago, people used to give me pictures of their dog and I would paint Christmas ornaments with a festive cartoon version of the dog on it. At Christmas time I came across one of the ornaments and since then I have had this design on my to do list.

This design is definitely one of my favorites, I love my dogs and I love having them on my nails! I did find It a little bit tricky matching the colors of the dogs especially Angel who is a reddish tone, but in the end I think I got it right. I used a couple acrylic paints and blended them to make a variety of different colors, that way I had different shades to add in some minor details. For the bones and hearts I used Instant Artist Beige and Rose (also used for the names) then to finish it off I outlined everything using Jet black.

Not very often do I get to wear a design completely personalized for me, so this was really exciting! It makes me sad I only get to wear them for 1 day

Polish: China Glaze Sky High Tops