July 15, 2012

Day 228 - National Ice Cream Day

These were my nails for National Ice Cream Day, I did paint another ice cream design earlier in the month but did not realize there was a specific day dedicated to ice cream at the time. I had a nail brake on me, and I really enjoyed the pointed nails from Friday so I decided to remove my acrylics and start fresh.

This design was really easy and I absolutely love it! I started by painting the nails with a solid white polish. Next I painted in the ice cream comes. This entire design was done using Instant Artist paints, the colors I used are: Solid Gold, Chocolate,  Pink Pastel, Sky Blue, Beige and Jet Black. For the minty green cone I mixed the beige with a little bit of Sky Blue and Hot Green. These nails are too much fun! I think the pointed nail worked out perfectly, and I love the combo of the edgy point and the super girly pastel ice cream cones. 

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