July 10, 2012

Day 223 - Toms

Today's post is inspired by Toms shoes. I've been thinking of picking up a pair and I was looking at the different color options online. When it came to painting my nails for tonight's post I had shoes on the brain and this was the outcome, it's definitely not one of my masterpieces, but it is kinda fun!

I started by painting all the nails in a blue polish that was closest to the Toms logo. Next I Painted in the toes of the different shoes using acrylic paint. I used acrylic so I could make two colors for each shoe, a color for the base and a slightly darker shade for the stitching. On the ring finger I did a glittery shoe because I think they look pretty awesome, I did this by pressing a large glitter into the paint while it was still wet. In my head this design made sense but looking at it now I'm not too sure. Without the thumb, I would have no idea what was on the other fingers are.

Polish: China Glaze Bahamian Escape

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