July 09, 2012

Day 222 - Ladybugs

Today's post was inspired by the color and not so much by choice. I picked up some drugstore polish remover and I had major issues removing the green polish from yesterdays design. Eventually I just gave up and decided to add a coat of shimmery green on top. While applying the green polish, ladybugs pop into my head so I went with it.

I started this design by painting three daisies on each nail, I alternated one on the bottom, two on top and vice versa. Next I painted in the ladybugs, I just did them by painting in round red dots using my largest dotting tool then added the detail in black. Colors I used are Instant Artist Fiery Red, Jet Black, Crisp White and Hot Yellow. The polish color I do not know, it's a random from my polish drawer and it has no label.

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