July 08, 2012

Day 221 - Wimbledon/Roger Federer

After sleeping the afternoon away yesterday I was awake really early this morning and it was really nice to be up and watch the Wimbledon final live with my husband. He is a huge Roger Federer fan and since this was such a big match I decided to do a design in his honor.

I started with a tennis court colored green polish on four of the five fingers, the ring finger was painted white because all the players wear white for Wimbledon. Next using a variety of nail art and acrylic craft paints, I painted the design. On the thumb I painted the logo for Wimbledon, this was definitely the hardest because of the writing. On the index finger I painted a simple tennis court, the swiss flag on the middle finger is because Federer is from Switzerland. On the white nail I painted the RF, this is Roger Federer's personal logo that he had on all his gear. Finally the pinky I painted a pattern that looked like strings of a tennis racquet and then l added in the ball to finish it off. I always love doing a specific theme and had tons of fun painting this one, but the best part is that in the end he won the match so it turned out to be a pretty exciting morning!

Polish: China Glaze Gaga For Green


  1. What talent you have wow these must take forever!